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Self Scan Checkouts

Retail Solutions have partnered with NCR, a global leader in business technology solutions, to offer our customers the very best in Self Scan Checkouts. Our SelfServ products are the best in their class on the market.

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Self Scan Checkouts

Self Scan Checkouts

Retail Solutions self-service POS checkouts use the latest NCR technology to provide an automated service at a critical customer touchpoint within the retail business. That is, optimising their pay point experience. Self-checkout systems are a key part of the global NCR product portfolio, and they have recently seen a rapid rise in popularity in Ireland. The latest generation solution features a refined, stylised product design with store and lane reconfiguration capabilities.

The Retail Solutions SelfServ is Self Scan Checkout that allows customers to scan, bag, and pay for items independently. At the same time, a staff member monitors from a nearby station to help ensure a positive experience.

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Retail Solutions software works in harmony with NCR’s self scan checks out hardware to create a flexible and efficient system that optimises store operations for the retailer and provides an enhanced shopping experience for the customer. This cost-effective solution is most suitable for medium to large operations, reducing overheads, and allowing the retailer to focus resources on improving service and profitability. Retail Solutions partnership with NCR retail technology is designed to deliver an unbeatable return on investment from leading brands you know you can trust.

Self Scan Checkouts Benefits

Control and manage all your business processes within RS back office, and deliver real-time changes as required that synchronize automatically with your point-of-sale system, saving you time and ensuring consistency throughout the store.

One of the most significant advantages of a self checkout option is how quickly customers can scan and pay for their purchases. Where offered together, self checkout scanners will often be selected over the traditional checkout to skip the queues, or by customers with few items. As they become more familiar with this easy to use system, they can enjoy even faster checkout times, bringing the added bonus of increased customer retention.

Self-checkout machines make it possible to serve the customer better, with minimal staff involvement. One staff member can take care of multiple self-checkouts simultaneously. Therefore, it is possible to reduce overall staffing and payroll costs.

Optimise your store operations with the introduction of self-checkouts counters. Reduced demand for checkout staff makes it possible to redeploy personnel to other store areas or activities, making better use of labour resources. Free up your staff for covering peak demand times, improving customer services or offering additional store facilities.

  • Today’s consumers lead busy lives and have little time to waste. Having the option of reduced queuing times with self checkouts directly impacts customers shopping satisfaction. 
  • Far a variety of reasons, shoppers can often appreciate the independence and reduced interaction that self checkout equipment offers them. For some, it can be a less intrusive and stressful experience than a traditional checkout, where the customer is in control and can proceed at their own pace.
  • Less time spent processing products gives staff increased time and availability to offer customer assistance and support where it’s needed instead.
  • A self checkout counter is a near touchless customer experience, offering clear health and safety benefits and additional peace of mind for shoppers.
  • The clear, modern, and easy to use interface makes checkout straightforward for your customer.

Self-checkout terminals are compact and can be placed into a relatively small area, when compared to traditional belted checkouts or cashier counters.  In some instances, up to six units can fit in the same amount of space as just two conventional checkouts

It’s a known fact that customers dislike standing in line. We all appreciate convenience, and queueing times are proven to feel longer than they actually are, particularly when we have no choice. Self checkout scanning delivers a reduction of up to 30% in queueing times, and when paired with a traditional till option, offers the customer the choice of a speedier checkout - which in turn makes them happier to wait in line if they do prefer a more personal checkout experience. 

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