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Retail Solutions is a leading EPOS supplier in Ireland. We offer a complete cloud-based point of sale solutions for Retail, Pharmacy, and Forecourt.

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The complete EPOS system for your business

Manage your stock, staff, sales, data, and payments anywhere. Our modern, feature-rich point of sale systems are designed with you, the user, and your customer’s needs in mind. Increase your transaction speeds and improve operational efficiency with fully automated processes and useful integrations, to have your retail business functioning at peak performance.

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Point of Sale – RS Touch

Enhance your customer’s point of sale experience with our market leading EPOS systems. Our user friendly hardware and software solutions are designed with retailers in mind, to streamline your sales process. Deliver a better front of house customer experience with our advanced point of sale software.

Market leading, user friendly, intuitive and efficient till point software

Created together with retailers

Supports third party integrations

Automates daily processes

Provides cashier prompts to reduce errors

Powerful, feature rich software

Real time sales data

Instant pricing and stock information

Speeds up customer transactions

Assists with promotion & upselling

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  • Increased transaction speeds
  • Reduce cashier error
  • Eliminates double entry of transactions
  • Integrates with all major banks
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Integrates with leading third party loyalty providers
  • Reward and retain your loyal customers
  • Allows the upselling of items to your customers
  • Boost your promotions
  • Report analysis to monitor & reward where most effective
  • Instant sales data transfer to the Retail Solutions Back Office 
  • Implement back office changes immediately at the point of sale
  • Utilises a camera link for additional security, monitoring, and analysis at the till point
  • Issued at the checkout by cashiers
  • Excludes the requirement for giving change – a new voucher can be issued in lieu of change
  • Allows the expiry date to be extended
  • Full sales reporting available on vouchers
  • Supports multiple store issuing, redemption, & central reconciliation
  • Integrate your cigarette vending machine with your point of sale system
  • Delivers additional security
  • Reduces error and improves the bottom line
  • Fully integrated at the touchscreen till
  • Integrates with most bill pay service providers
  • Intuitive menu, easy to use
  • Reduce errors by cashiers
  • Convenient payment facility for your customers

Transform your business


EPOS - Back office

Retail Solutions Back Office is your effective administration and operations management tool. Record transactions, update stock and prices, or analyse your business. All in one place!

Advanced yet easy to use back office software

Manage your retail site efficiently

Retains store information within a central database

Manage stock, purchases, and deliveries

Full drill down reporting & analysis

Retains accurate accounting records

Automates tasks to free up more time

Cost & cash control

Monitor sales and create promotions

  • Manage your stock on a cyclical basis
  • Minimise shrinkage
  • Minimise excess stock holding, release capital
  • Create orders based on minimum stock holdings 
  • Implement suggested orders based on sales, current stock, and previous orders
  • Automated purchase order generation
  • Simplifies the checking of deliveries
  • Operates seamlessly with stock control
  • Manage documentation and order history
  • Reduce errors and duplication
  • Increase control of ordering and sign off
  • Improve process times
  • An itemised breakdown of sales and turnover
  • Simplifies and automates accounting procedures
  • Efficient accounts receivable and debtor management
  • Assists with forecasting
  • Find and address errors that have the potential to    negatively affect margin
  • Analyse every aspect of point of sale transactions
  • Full suite of drill down reports
  • Reduces the time spent creating key management reports
  • Easy to use, fast and effective to target key areas
  • Access from anywhere using our app, RS Dash
  • Create target margins
  • Schedule any report to be printed, emailed, or viewed on screen automatically
  • Balance your takings by till or operator
  • Reconcile your takings quickly and efficiently
  • Record all tender types and lodgments
  • Gain full data insights and analytics
  • Monitor and improve performance
  • Enhanced reporting to improve results
  • Custom filter to analyse relevant data
  • Fast reporting results
  • Reports on metrics and situations, allows the user to drill down behind the numbers and effect change
  • Our POS software posts transaction data to the back office in real-time

EPOS - Head office

Take control of your multiple site business operations with Retail Solutions Head Office systems. Manage your data and processes centrally with our flexible physical or virtual solutions. Manage all your sites from a single location with our Head Office.


Facilitates multiple price tiers across all stores

Centrally maintain prices, promotions, suppliers, and operators

Manage promotions individually or across all stores

Analyse individual or consolidated reports

Maintain products local to each store

Manage daily operations from head office

Reconcile branch purchases and sales

Fast, intuitive, and easy to use

  • Centralised product data
  • Improved product insights for multiple or individual stores
  • Maintain stock control via head office
  • Oversee product metrics for effective decision making
  • Monitor & distribute products within the network
  • Purchase for all stores from a central location
  • Manage documentation and order history
  • View and replenish branch stock via head office
  • Enables bulk purchasing to reduce costs
  • Monitor and amend branch prices from a central location
  • Amend prices individually or for multiple stores
  • Utilise centralised reporting to make price adjustments quickly and easily
  • Operational integration
  • Control branch operations remotely
  • Communicate effectively and consistently to all stores from a central location
  • Generate reports for individual stores or the entire company
  • Provides in depth reporting for effective data analysis and cross referencing
  • Centralised customer database
  • Manage and reconcile all customer accounts
  • Create promotions and plan marketing strategy with complete customer data for all stores
  • Generate and consolidate complete management accounting reports from Retail Solutions Head Office

Reports on metrics and situations, allows the user to drill down behind the numbers and effect change

  • RS Dashboard
  • RS Mobile
  • RS Coupon

RS Dash is an application that delivers real-time sales data to retailers via their mobile devices.
The app allows detailed analysis of sales KPI’s in terms of overall volume, margin, and turnover.

  • Easy to use
  • Android & iOS devices
  • Access to key information on the go
  • Daily, weekly, and yearly sales comparisons
  • Allows instant decision making
  • Single site or consolidated group information available

RS Mobile provides real-time back office functions from the shop floor via our large screen android handheld.
This touchscreen, easy to use device allows portable product checking, editing, and ordering so that decisions can be made and implemented instantly.

  • Back office functions on the shop floor
  • Large screen on our robust mobile device
  • ‘Waste’ & ‘Reduced to clear’ functionality
  • Real time changes on the handheld

RS Coupon allows the store to generate digital or printed promotional coupons for their customers to redeem at the till.

The store can set the type, value, and any terms & conditions.

eCommerce POS Integration

The integration of eCommerce with a point of sale (POS) system can be very beneficial for your  businesses. By integrating these two systems, businesses can avoid the need for manual data entry, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.  When these two platforms integrate, it’s possible to share pricing, inventory, sales, and customer data, which helps you manage your business from one platform and get unified information on your business.
It is essential to choose a POS system that is compatible with your e-commerce platform, as this will make the integration process more straightforward. If you are unsure about the process or need assistance, contact the Retail Solutions support team or your web developer for help.

Solution as a Service (SaaS)

The SaaS model offers several advantages, including fixed monthly outgoings, and affording retailers a lower upfront capital expenditure cost.

point of sale software


Retail Solutions integrates with the most innovative leaders in the market to help our customers create the exact ecosystem they require.

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Get a complete point of sale kit or enhance your existing system with our quality scanners, printers’ registers and other hardware accessories. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our business is built on feedback and recommendations from the businesses we’ve worked with.

Chris Donnelly BWG Foods

Retail Solutions meets all the needs of our Franchisee’s, from Off-License to Supermarket, Forecourt to Convenience, Single Store operations to Multi-Branch, the application is both scalable and feature-rich. Most important to the retailer is that basic functions and features are easily implemented, yet as the competence level grows in-store, the application continues to meet, and exceed, increasingly complex business requirements and expectations. Many of the features found within RSAccounts were, until recently, only available in expensive and inflexible ERP solutions. Retail Solutions have managed to bring high-end functionality to the Independent Retail Sector.

Don & Sophie Mace

After meeting Ian and talking about how bad our old epos system was, we did not hesitate to change to Retail Solutions. The changeover was stress-free with minimal disruption to business. The software is very user-friendly and has everything from sales and inventory to customer data and employee productivity. Not only does it streamline operations and eliminate manual data entry, but it also provides real-time insights and analytics. We are now able to make more informed decisions and optimize our business strategies. The customer support team is also top-notch, always available to assist with any queries or issues. Overall, upgrading to Retail Solutions has greatly improved our efficiency and profitability. Thanks again to Ian and the RS team.

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