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Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are digital devices used in retail stores to display product information and pricing on store shelves. ESLs are wirelessly connected to a central system, allowing retailers to update and manage the information displayed on the labels in real time. This means that prices, promotions, and other details can be easily changed without the need for manual updates.

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels

Electronic Shelf Edge Labels (eSELs) are the modern-day version of traditional paper price tags.  

eSELs use e-ink to display up-to-the-minute product shelf prices on digital labels. They can be integrated with the stores’ EPOS product file database, which makes changing a price across the store as easy as typing a new price into the POS software and clicking ‘update’.

Using eSELs, along with digital signage, allows retailers to change prices in real time based on changing market conditions, making their pricing strategies much more flexible while saving time and resources. Instant price updating is an invaluable tool for staying ahead of the competition.


Price updates in seconds
Cost reduction
Waste reduction
Increased profitability
React immediately to market price situations
User friendly
Clear, consistent, and accurate pricing
Improved store appearance
electronic shelf labels

Electronic Shelf Label Benefits

Troublesome and often inaccurate paper labels can now be replaced with a digital solution, making the tedious task of price changing faster and more efficient. eSELs make light work of frequent price changes, saving precious staff labour time and improving the management of price file updates. For symbol group stores, price bulletins can be downloaded to the point of sale software and rolled out across the store within minutes.

Digital pricing enhances the customer experience by presenting clear and accurate pricing across the store while improving the store’s professional appearance.  With so much competition within retail, and a need for synchronisation with e-commerce, real-time price changes today represent a strategic business advantage, offering maximum responsiveness and reliability. Intelligent electronic shelf labels are the nerve centre for the store of the future. They are the foundation for countless applications, offering more precise and refined price management.

Dynamic pricing optimises store costs and reduces waste by eliminating the need for paper labels and printer supplies and allowing for the speedy reduction of perishable products for quick sale. Optimise store inventory by instantly removing pricing for out-of-stock goods, offering rapid promotions, happy hours, flash reductions, and so much more.

Enhance Your Pricing Experience

Accurate Pricing

Shoppers quickly lose trust when the in-store display prices are not aligned with those charged at the point of sale. Accurate pricing is heavily correlated with enhanced margins.

ESEL’s allow you to streamline your promotional prices, track audit trails and price check, whilst making amendments very easy. Maintaining each of these elements keeps your prices accurate across the board and ensures your pricing is always optimal.

electronic shelf labels
electronic shelf labels

Shelf Edge Influence

The shelf edge is one of the most essential sales influencers. Most purchase decisions are made at this point — so the priority must be to ensure your pricing information is accurate.

With paper labels, price changes are prone to human error. It’s a slow and wasteful process, and by the time you finish re-labelling, prices might have already changed, or products merchandised in multiple locations may show conflicting prices.

With ESEL’s these changes are quick and easy, so you can capture more sales at the shelf edge. Change your pricing as often as you need to; react competitively to local price changes, create instant promotions, and track those promotions to see what is working.

You can create offers based on where a specific customer is standing in the store with just a few clicks!

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