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We have been providing EPOS solutions to the supermarket for more than 25 years. Whether you run a small independent supermarket or operate a chain of supermarkets, we have the right Epos for your supermarket business requirements and budgets.

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The most versatile POS System to run and grow a successful retail business

Over that time, we have developed and perfected products that increase our clients’ profits and improve customer experience. Today, we manage more than 4,000 lanes in the grocery stores and supermarkets.

Our modern, feature-rich point of sale systems are designed with both you, the user, and your customer’s needs in mind.

Increase your transaction speeds and improve operational efficiency with fully automated processes and useful integrations, to have your fuel station functioning at peak performance.

Transform your business

One platform to do it all

Control and manage all your business processes within RS back office, and deliver real-time changes as required that synchronize automatically with your point-of-sale system, saving you time and ensuring consistency throughout the store.

RS back office has an easy to learn, user-friendly interface, and it offers advanced, useful features such as:

Inventory control
Purchase management
Sales ledger
Pricing and promotion management
Cash control
Customer/supplier database
Report generation
Business analysis tools
Staff management

Use your back office to fully manage your store and create an overview of store performance

Create customer and supplier databases
Order, receive, and manage stock
Manage purchases and PO’s
Set and adjust pricing/ VAT
Create and monitor promotions
Retain accurate accounting records and ledgers
Manage customer accounts
View transaction details
Set up regular reports and tasks