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Forecourts & Gas Stations

Eliminate the complexities of your forecourt operation. Manage all your business needs with our complete EPOS System for forecourts.

EPOS System for Forecourts

A forecourt POS system must effortlessly integrate with all the other services a forecourt requires to function, such as fuel management, car wash, payment services, and cameras.  Retail Solutions EPOS systems integrate seamlessly with all the leading third-party service providers, and new integrations are being developed all the time. With forecourts in mind, we at Retail Solutions have developed two essential add-on products; RS Fuel and RS Camera systems. 

These solutions integrate EPOS functionality with additional features specific to forecourts, allowing them to handle tasks such as wet stock management, security, and drive-offs. When linked with a powerful Retail Solutions EPOS system, your daily operations such as stock control, purchasing, marketing, and customer service become even more streamlined and effective.

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Forecourts and Gas stations

Manage all your business needs with our complete EPOS System for forecourts. 

Our EPOS empowers you to oversee your forecourt, food services, carwash, and much more within one single system. 

Manage products and speed up transactions over the counter and the pumps! 

  • Pre-Pay at the pump.
  • Pump watch link to security cameras.
  • Registration plate vehicle recognition.
  • Wet-stock management.
  • Electronic tank gauge integration with your EPOS system.
  • Car wash link to the point of sale.
How It Works


We have developed integration links with the most prominent pump management platforms, and we can integrate with practically any fuel brand or pump manufacturer.

We also cater for all the major fuel card providers and integrate with electronic tank gauges so that your service station can be managed to its optimum potential in terms of stock control and profitability at all times.


Tank Gauge

Tank Gauge integration assists you by monitoring your fuel stock, which you can directly manage from your EPOS system. 

This sophisticated software monitors current fuel stock levels using volume, pressure, and temperature, allowing complete management of your wet stock and the early highlighting of potential issues, such as possible underground leaks, for the safety and efficiency of your business. 

Via integration with your EPOS system, it also monitors throughput by creating a three-way reconciliation between fuel in the tanks, fuel dispensed through pumps, and fuel paid for at the tills.

Security Cameras

RS Camera software integrates your security camera system with your EPOS system, providing you with that extra peace of mind that all fuel transactions are being monitored in real-time by the cameras and recorded on your point of sale.

Therefore, should a drive-off occur, the relevant information regarding the vehicle, driver, fuel type and value is recorded and fed back to your EPOS system, to be available at the touch of a button in your RS Back Office.  

This information can be used with your database to contact your customer; the transaction can then be stored for later recall when the customer returns.  Alternatively, you may need to use the stored data to pass on to the authority or company for follow up.