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What is cyber security, and why outsource this service?

What is cyber security, and why outsource this service?
What is cyber security, and why outsource this service?

What is cyber security, and why outsource this service?



What is cyber and data security?


It is a very common question – what exactly is data security, and why is it so important to my business?

It is the process of protecting files, databases, and accounts on a network.

Data security is a method of evaluating, handling, protecting, and reducing the risks for any type of data. Cyber security aims to secure and protect physical and digital data.

Nowadays, any company of any size needs to adopt a set of controls, applications, and techniques to protect their data.


Why outsource your company’s information security?


Cybersecurity has continued to grow in importance for companies of all kinds. Still, it has also increased the burden and responsibility of protecting sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Regardless of size or industry, running a business is nearly impossible without a good I.T. infrastructure. In many cases, security outsourcing has become the shield that will protect company data from being stolen or lost, as it is often sensitive and strategic.

Small and medium-sized companies do not always have the budget to invest in a powerful and capable in-house information security system.

To meet this demand, outsourcing is an excellent option for these companies. This way, it is possible to have a specialised team to take care of the security of their I.T. infrastructure without the need for significant investments in systems and to hire technical employees.

Haven’t outsourced your I.T. services yet?

Check out the benefits below that this solution provides to your business!


How vital is outsourcing?


With companies increasingly dependent on technology to improve their results, the I.T. sector appears to be a solid ally in achieving success.

In companies with the most limited budgets, the total or partial outsourcing of data infrastructure and I.T. management allows them to count on qualified professionals and modern and secure service.

Despite the challenges that information security outsourcing may bring, such as the need for stricter control and attention to compatibility, the result is highly beneficial to the contracting company.




Cost reduction


First of all, cost reduction. In addition to counting on a specialised structure, outsourcing frees the company from the labour costs they would incur if they had to employ a team of the same size for the company.

Without the need to pay for labour and invest in robust systems, the company will be able to reallocate the budget to other strategic sectors.


Constant monitoring


Problems can arise at the most inconvenient times, and malicious people are always looking for vulnerabilities to commit cyber-attacks.

You would certainly limit security actions to business hours with an in-house team. You’d need at least twice as many employees to have constant system monitoring, or else spend a fortune in overtime to keep them for extra hours.

When outsourcing, depending on your plan, you can count on a company prepared to solve security problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a single low cost.

In addition, the outsourced company will have the know-how to solve a wide range of problems, as they will have experience with clients in the most varied of corporate sectors. This provides them with the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with all types of issues.


Business focus


I.T. is a critical sector in a company, but it is not a source of revenue. It does not make much sense for managers to spend much of their time and energy solving problems in this area.

By outsourcing to a company with credibility that can take care of this, the company’s managers will be able to focus their attention and energy on what matters most: creating business profit.


Control of the services provided


Outsourced I.T. professionals will provide periodic reports on services performed by your organisation, along with performance, progress, and status assessments — such as the number of threats identified and excluded, intrusion recognition, access control, and more.


Quality assurance of services


Operating systems, e-mail, backups, servers, and data security services are essential for the proper functioning of any modern business, and the outsourced company can deliver them with higher quality.

Risk situations can be resolved quickly, preventing them from affecting the company on a large scale.


How to choose a company to take care of your data security?


First, check the company’s reliability. Research if it has the tools and potential on the scale of your business needs.

Find out how long the provider has existed in the market, as those who have been in the market for many years will have more experience.

Check what the company can offer; what services they provide, the type of support that is provided after hiring, their response times during incidents, and their overall responsibilities.

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Eliminate the responsibility of data security so that you can focus on your business.


Don’t wait until it’s too late.


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