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The Web Solution for Local Retail

The Web Solution for Local Retail
The Web Solution for Local Retail

The Web Solution for Local Retail


When it comes to retail today, developing webshops is the key, said Pádraig Nolan, sales director at ePOS specialists Retail Solutions. And we have the best web solution for local retailers.

“People really are ordering all of the staples online. It has become a necessity now, and this is true for all retail sectors,” he said

“We’ve made it a lot easier for retailers to deploy professional webshops,” said Nolan.

For the retailers themselves, the key is seamless integration with the systems that already run the physical outlets.

“Heretofore, a retailer had their ePOS system, but if they wanted to deploy a webshop it meant contracting a web developer to deliver a system for them and the two components
often worked in isolation.”

Noting this, Retail Solutions has worked to tie together the web experience with the in-store back-end. “Now, any administrative function on the shop floor – revised pricing, promotion, stock quantities – is automatically populated across the webshop. It’s seamlessly integrated, all through one locus of control: the Retail Solutions ePOS,” said Nolan.

The benefits for the retailer are obvious, but staff and customers also benefit from Retail Solutions’ attention to detail.

“We have intelligent sorting technology, so we can break down the order, in line with the merchandising layout, for the benefit of the picker. This means that they aren’t walking back and forth across the shop to collect items,” said Nolan.


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The Web Solution for Local Retail – Business Post,  On August 30, 2020

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