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Technology in Pharmacy

Technology in Pharmacy



Technology in Pharmacy: For the longest time technology has been transforming all businesses in all sectors. Continuous Innovation is the game’s name these days, and retail technology for Pharmacy is no exception.

It’s a fact that Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives and our businesses.

Heavily influenced by the growing risk of COVID-19, investing in technology that can offer more security, convenience, and agility for consumers is most important.


How Pharmacists are Embracing New Technologies


In 2013, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society focused on its annual report about the future of Pharmacy. The need for pharmacies to address their strategy of just supplying medicines rather than providing services that attend to patients’ needs. Published in January 2019, the “NHS Long Term Plan” for the future included pharmacists’ need to employ digital technology to improve their services and better interact with patients.

Another critical point is that pharmacy retailing is becoming increasingly competitive, taking advantage of the fact that the sector is one of the few to outperform the economy in recent years.


How can pharmacies use technology to empower their business and their customers?


With more integrated technology, an enhanced experience at the point of sale, Pharmacies can make leaps in profitability and exponentially improve their relationship with their customers.


Self – Checkouts in pharmacies


The primary focus is always to improve the overall service. Allow customers to pay for their own purchases, streamline the process, and empower them to Self-Scan.

The store can improve the customer experience by reducing the time the consumer spends in line whilst also reducing labour costs. In this case, the cashiers can stay on the shop floor, help customers, answer their questions, and generally assist.  Product advice is provided in advance by the pharmacy staff – Self-service checkouts take care of the payment process.


Benefits for the customer and the business owner.


If you’re uncertain about how to implement self-checkouts in your Pharmacy, we are here to help. We can also provide consultancy on how operational improvements can be gained from utilising alternative technologies in your business.


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