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Investing in your Service Station’s Epos System

Investing in your Service Station’s Epos System
Investing in your Service Station’s Epos System

Investing in your Service Station’s Epos System


Investing in your Service Station’s Epos System – What are the Benefits?

Managing a service station is very different from any other retail business, as a modern service station has additional processes that require considerable time and attention. Service stations have unique needs that require more sophisticated and integrated EPOS systems.

On a daily basis in any retail business, there are many activities to manage. However, a service station has all the complexities of a standard convenience store, with the added components of car wash, fuel sales, wet stock inventory control, and possibly a sophisticated food services offering.

This is of course true for a single business unit; now imagine a multi-site retailer trying to maintain systems and procedures across several stores.

With this knowledge in mind, it is inevitable that many decision-makers seek solutions to automate these processes, making information more easily accessible and indeed accurate.


So what does activity optimization at a service station look like in practice?


We present you with a solution that will change the way you handle your operation.
Firstly, let’s understand why technology is such a critical part of any project. By utilizing software that is specific to service stations, retailers and decision-makers gain convenient access to data in a more flexible way, allowing detailed analysis that can impact their strategic decisions.

The introduction of an effective Epos system has been proven to have a positive impact on the overall profitability of a retail business. Therefore, hesitancy to invest in Epos technology tools that have been proven to optimize the retail operation, especially in the context of increased competition, could have a detrimental effect on the business in the future.


How does technology apply to service station management?


Service stations have unique needs that require more sophisticated and integrated EPOS systems.
Retail Solutions have developed our ‘RS Fuel’ application which seamlessly integrates EPOS functionality with a number of features specific to forecourts, making stock management, customer service, security camera integration, promotions, and purchasing more streamlined and effective.

Furthermore, retailers with multiple sites benefit from increased efficiency when they have the option to centrally manage their stores on an Epos system with a Head-Office function.

You can manage and monitor forecourt hardware, cash, card, or loyalty transactions, as well as all aspects of fuel management within one single system. In addition to our standard POS & Back-Office solutions, our forecourt product offers:

  •  Integration with all major fuel card providers.
  •  Integration with all the major accountancy packages.
  •  Link to electronic tank gauges.
  •  Link to pumps.
  •  Link to pump watch system – security cameras.
  •  Link to the car wash.
  •  Link to fuel price display totems.

Through our innovative Epos system, an independent retailer can access many of the services previously only offered by large multiple operators, such as loyalty schemes. Retail Solutions software also integrates with the leading loyalty scheme brands.
Deciding to invest in new systems is often daunting, however, one must also consider how much it is costing your business to persist with underperforming technology.


Investing in your EPOS system is the solution!


The primary consideration when making an investment must always be how long it will take for the investment to make a return (ROI). Retail Solutions Epos products have a proven track record in delivering value for money, increased sales, stronger margins, and a rapid ROI.

As a market leader in the provision of Epos technology for more than 25 years, serving more than 4,000 lanes in Ireland, with an ever-growing presence in Ireland and the United Kingdom, Retail Solutions is an excellent choice as your Epos technology partner.

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