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Retail 4.0: Why embrace multi-channel retailing for your pharmacy?

Retail 4.0: Why embrace multi-channel retailing for your pharmacy?
Retail 4.0: Why embrace multi-channel retailing for your pharmacy?

Retail 4.0: Why embrace multi-channel retailing for your pharmacy?


Retail 4.0: Why embrace multi-channel retailing for your pharmacy?

With the emergence of new technology in the marketplace, retail has experienced tremendous evolution, driven and accelerated by increasing consumer demands and rapidly shifting economic and trading conditions.

Systemic integration, efficient inventory, fast and integrated Epos System are all major components of what has come to be known as Retail 4.0


Why do pharmacies need to embrace the Multichannel in retail 4.0


Pharmacies that wish to maintain their advantage in an increasingly competitive environment need to invest in modern, innovative point of sale systems that critically have the capacity to integrate both online and offline channels.

It is essential to focus on more flexible sales channels supported by reliable inventory management systems, which provide budget control and cost savings, amongst other benefits.

This essentially means that investment will be required in new technologies. Specialist software applications targeted at pharmacies can facilitate the business’s key management information systems objectives – providing owner-operators with more strategic control.

Nowadays, there are many different types of Epos systems available. From the simplest, transaction-focused systems with limited data analytics to those that provide live inventory management, drill-down analysis, predictive ordering, and promotions management, all conducted whilst offering physical, online, and offline integrations across the entire spectrum of the retail operation.


Retail 4.0


The concept of Retail 4.0 basically means that the physical store is connected to the online store, which offers the so-called ‘infinite shelf’ and the opportunity for your customers to research and purchase, regardless of your opening times.

According to the retail specialist, CEO Fabíola Paes, “connected retail environments sell up to 20% more”. Also, by analyzing the consumer’s consumption habits, smart retail systems will deliver targeted exclusive offers right to the customer’s personal device, which may well be a combination of ‘online only’ or ‘calls to action’ to visit the physical store.


“We know that the consumer already arrives with a certain amount of knowledge about the products that they have researched and gained information on, before making a purchase. In this scenario, the recommendation is to innovate and invest in developing information systems with technological support – especially in the convenience, cosmetics, and beauty product sectors” – such as pharmacies.

You Will Go Wherever Your Customer is


The future of retail will not exclusively rely on customers walking through the doors of the physical bricks-and-mortar stores.
The great news is that retailers that embrace Retail 4.0 can take their pharmacies to another level entirely that will not only win over customers, both new and returning but enable them to compete against the multiple retailers in the market.


Retail Solutions Epos System for Pharmacy


The future is here, and Retail Solutions already has the capability to align both your online and offline retail operations so that the consumer has a frictionless journey with the best experience possible.

Retail Solutions Epos Systems for Pharmacy is a modern solution that offers the pharmacy sector complete control of the operation, from stock management to process automation, using comprehensive, proven & robust software. Within an intuitive interface and supported by experienced professionals, Retail Solutions has the best solutions in the market to be your partner in taking your pharmacy to Retail 4.0 success.



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We are dedicated to providing your store with the most up-to-date and reliable point of sale hardware, along with software management tools to help you manage your business effectively.

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