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Our best blog posts of 2022

Our best blog posts of 2022
Our best blog posts of 2022 

Our best blog posts of 2022        



Our best blog posts of 2022.


Goodbye 2022 and hello 2023!

As we begin our 28th year within the retail and EPOS industries, we look back over our best blogs and articles of 2022.

It’s never too early to start making plans for your upcoming year in business, so here’s a recap on the information that you found the most useful in 2022.

Did you miss any of these top 5 items? They’re packed with helpful tips and details for retailers to use when planning their upcoming year in business, and now is the best time to get started!

Check out our most read blog posts of 2022:



Supermarket queues: How to solve this problem?


Nobody enjoys queuing. Once your retail business gains a reputation for long queues, it can drive your customers away and cause long term damage to your reputation and your revenue.

One of the most common complaints from supermarket customers is excessive queuing time. People have busy lives and grocery shopping should be as fast and efficient as possible, if you want to keep your customers happy.

We recommend some excellent techniques and solutions that will help you to get your business flowing smoothly again:


Supermarket queues: How to solve this problem?



Payment methods: The importance of payment options for customers


There are so many ways to pay nowadays, and customers expect retailers to offer them choices. The days of cash only are long gone.

Make sure that your business is embracing modern payment options and offering a variety of ways to pay – including the old fashioned way.

Not sure what’s out there, or what options you should be offering? Read on:


Payment methods The importance of payment options for customers



8 top ‘Key Performance Indicators’ for forecourt


Forecourts are among the busiest of retail businesses. They’re open long hours, often 365 days of the year, and most will offer more than fuel services alone. Managing a complete forecourt business and it’s subsidiaries can be challenging.

When you’re busy it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, so forecourt retailers should use Key Performance Indicators to continually monitor and assess the business’s performance.

Tracking KPI’s uses reference points and comparisons, to help the business continually adapt and grow.

This data is useful when it comes to long term business planning and strategy.

Here are 8 key performance indicators that forecourt retailers can use to monitor their business:


8 top ‘Key Performance Indicators’ for forecourt



What is an EPOS system?


EPOS stands for electronic point of sale, and most retail businesses now use an EPOS system to manage their daily business transactions.

Also known as POS, it’s the collective term for all the hardware and software that makes it more than just a till system.

It has several other important functions aside from managing transactions. Most good EPOS systems can also handle things like stock, accounts, customers, reporting, and more. In short, EPOS helps your to manage your business more efficiently.

Find out all about EPOS, it’s features and capabilities, and how it can help your business here:


What is an EPOS system?



Electronic shelf edge labels & EPOS Head Office


Electronic shelf edge labels are modern day price tags that connect to your EPOS system and facilitate fast and accurate price changes. Instead of updating prices manually, price files can be downloaded and rolled out across the store at the touch of a button.

Where an EPOS head office is in place to link multiple businesses, electronic shelf edge labels can be used to roll out prices not just throughout the store, but throughout your entire business network.

Find out more about electronic shelf edge labels and EPOS head office here:


Electronic shelf edge labels & EPOS Head Office


We hope you found this information useful, and that it helps you with your planning and strategy for the upcoming year in retail.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you can browse all of our blogs, articles, and resources here:


Happy New Year!




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