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Omni-channel sales – Everything you want to know about WebShop

Omni-channel sales – Everything you want to know about WebShop
Omni-channel sales - Everything you want to know about Web Shop

 Everything you want to know about WebShop


Omni-channel sales – everything you want to know about webshop. Online selling platforms have seen substantial growth during the pandemic. With businesses looking to find a way to maximise trading under restricted conditions, whatever their line of business, many businesses have already embraced the concept of e-commerce and added online shopping to their list of services.

This doesn’t mean that the ‘shop local’ movement has been left behind – far from it in fact. Research has shown that we are more inclined to shop local than ever, with the pandemic really highlighting the importance of strong local communities.

This Irish Times piece by Ciara O’Brien discusses some interesting findings from a local shopping study carried out by Mastercard:


Shop local…. and online!


The shop-local trend is expected to continue post-pandemic. For many businesses who have already embraced omnichannel selling and found it to be seamless and effective, they plan to continue – making it easy for their customers to shop locally, and also online.

In most cases, the benefits of adding or retaining a webshop service in parallel with your retail store (omnichannel commerce) will far outweigh the costs. There are a number of parameters that can affect this, but generally, with the right supplier and pricing structure in place, it’s quite straightforward to gauge.

Calculate the costs for your own store by carrying out a cost-benefit analysis.


What’s the difference between multichannel and omnichannel?


Multi-channel selling allows your customers to purchase your goods or services on more than one platform, whether online or offline. This might include a physical store, social media sales, telephone sales, or a website.

Omni-channel selling also takes place on multiple channels, however, with omnichannel commerce all of your selling platforms are connected. This provides a multitude of benefits, including better data reporting, full stock control, and a smooth experience for your customers.


How can omnichannel selling benefit my business?


Customers now expect retailers to have an online presence. That being said, meeting customers’ expectations and enhancing their retail experience also comes with a number of benefits to the retailer:

  • Increased sales volumes, profitability, and margins.
  • 24/7 sales ability.
  • Flexibility –webshops can be customised to your specific requirements.
  • Convenience – a webshop can be deployed almost immediately with an EPOS system in place.
  • Fast and efficient sales processing.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Complete data collection for better reporting and business strategy.

Retail Solutions Off-The-Shelf is the most recent innovation from a market leader in the EPOS, sector, assuring seamless integration and quality omnichannel sales solutions for both you, the retailer, and your customers.


Off-The-Shelf: What is a Web Shop?


A webshop simply allows retailers to give their existing brick-and-mortar businesses an online presence, that runs in parallel with their physical store.

Using a single solution, products can be sold on the shop floor via point of sale (EPOS), and also online via a webshop.

For example, the Retail Solutions webshop assimilates the internet shopping experience, while integrating fully with the in-store EPOS System.

This development allows any administrative function to be carried out as usual at the store level – e.g. new products, revised pricing, promotions, and stock quantities – and be automatically populated across the store AND on the web shop. It’s seamless, and all managed through one central point of control.


Why Web Shop?


Creating synergy in your business is essential to stay competitive and to meet the new and ever-increasing demands of the marketplace and consumers.

By offering the possibility for your consumers to buy online using any device, you are offering them both convenience and choice – and for you, the retailer, it is an innovative way to stay ahead of the competition.

Retail Solutions Web Shop allows you to meet the needs of your customers effectively & efficiently, enhancing their overall customer experience.


With one click, your products can be immediately available on your Web Shop.

Bringing omnichannel selling capabilities to your retail business is surprisingly easy. The webshop software can be integrated with your existing EPOS software – meaning it’s as simple as a remote install and set up, and your webshop is ready to go!


 An Integrated (Omni-Channel) WebShop offers:


  • Easy set up.
  • EPOS & Online sales via a single platform.
  • Centralised data storage.
  • Click and collect.
  • Delivery options.
  • Fully integrated stock management.
  • Concurrent promotions in-store and on the web.
  • Conduct all administrative functions through one portal.


Who is the webshop for?


Off-The-Shelf Web Shop from Retail Solutions is suitable for retailers of all sizes who wish to provide their customers with the enhanced service and convenience of online shopping, and is particularly suitable for:

  • Independent convenience stores, supermarkets, and forecourt retailers.
  • Symbol group convenience stores, supermarkets, and forecourt retailers.
  • Off Licences.


Who are we?


Retail Solutions is a market-leading EPOS provider with over 25 years of business experience. Our leading sectors are convenience storessupermarketsforecourts, and pharmacies.

We are dedicated to providing your store with the most up-to-date and reliable point of sale hardware, along with software management tools to help you manage your business effectively.

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