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Integrated services for your Retail Solutions EPOS system

Integrated services for your Retail Solutions EPOS system
Integrated services for your Retail Solutions EPOS system

Integrated services for your Retail Solutions EPOS system



Integrated services for your Retail Solutions EPOS system. Here at Retail Solutions, we know that our busy retailers require a lot from their point of sale systems.

To stay on top, retailers are now expected to provide more and more in the way of additional services, to meet the needs of their client base. As customers, we want everything to be cost-effective, convenient, and quick. A great service is simply expected.

To meet the needs of our own customers, who are in the main based within the retail sector, we at Retail Solutions continually develop our own electronic point of sale software to integrate seamlessly with the other third-party services that any individual business might require.

In other words, we are always working to make sure that our customers have the best POS software available, to aid them in providing a great service to their own customers.


Making our system work for you


Our EPOS systems provide the latest hardware and software required to run a retail business. This includes complete till systems and back-office setups, plus all the software required to monitor sales, pricing, stock, data storage, reporting, and more.

Sometimes, our individual retailers will require add-on services that are specific to their own business, and this is where integrations come in.

For example, there are many different accounting packages available on the market, and if our new customer has been using the same accounting system for years, it is much easier for our POS software to integrate with their existing program than for them to have to change accounting packages.

So that’s exactly what we do – we integrate our software with other software services, so that they can work in harmony together.


Partner services


To improve our services even further, Retail Solutions work together with selected excellent partner services. Through these collaborations, we are able to provide our customers with integrated services that complement each other, and offer a wide range of tools that are truly useful to the retail sector.

By working together, we can gain a wider perspective and greater insights into our customer needs. Our partnership allows us to combine our resources and expert knowledge to create better and faster solutions.




One such partner is MarketHub, who specialise in digital pricing technology and data analytic software, and each of their solutions works seamlessly with our own EPOS software.

Operating in over 250 locations, MarketHub is the centre of data excellence in the UK & Ireland for SES-Imagotag, the global leaders in digital pricing. Their Self-Learning Store concept has proven to increase Gross Margin by up to 3% whilst saving thousands in time and labour.

MarketHub’s services help our customers to become more efficient in their own business planning.






Their Pulse software monitors and analyses the information flow of the store, to offer insights and recommendations on improving store performance in areas such as waste management, stock utilisation, sales, and more.

To determine recommendations for improvement, the software collects and analyses performance indicators within the store, using the areas of revenue, margin, inventory, losses, and campaigns to gather useful information.

The comparison data is fed back to the retailer, enabling them to make immediate changes and adjustments within the store, but also allowing informed long-term decisions to be made in future business planning and strategies.


Electronic Shelf Edge Labels


Another of their solutions which is popular with our retailers are Electronic Shelf Labels. The software utilises digital price displays to provide accurate and up-to-date product pricing information.

Also known as dynamic pricing, not only is it cheaper than traditional paper price tagging, but it is more accurate, faster, greener, and more efficient.

Prices can be uploaded to the stores’ back office as always, and then distributed and updated around the store almost instantly!

This greatly reduces the labour time involved for staff in manual pricing, and also allows for frequent prices changes for promotions such as happy hours, and the late reduction of goods approaching best before dates.

Customers can be sure they are getting the most accurate information with any current promotions on offer through clear and consistent price labels.




Spotlight is a feature of Pulse which lets you promote a range of products instantly on your digital labels. It can be used to create custom campaigns and messages throughout the store, and collates reporting data that allows you to determine the success of the campaign.

Retail Solutions are proud to partner with MarketHub, who were established in 2014 and have already established an impressive client base with their innovative technology, as they are a dynamic young company offering useful and reliable services that further enhance the benefits of our own technology for our customers, and for their customers.

Their self-learning store technology optimises the retailer experience and offers tangible benefits for business planning and strategy.


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Susan McGuire has been with Retail Solutions for over 6 years, and during that time has had roles within the areas of Maintenance, Finance, & Marketing. You can follow her on LinkedIn!

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