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Gander & RSL Integration

Gander & RSL Integration
Gander & RSL Integration

Gander & RSL Integration


Gander is a world-first mobile app, developed to help food stores clear significantly more of its reduced to clear, often yellow labelled food items.




The mobile app first launched in Northern Ireland in 2019 and within 4 months, 40,000 people had downloaded the app. The app allows the customer ultimate control over what reduced-priced goodies they search for, whether it’s by location, favourite stores, food type and even dietary. Moreover, as Gander is completely automated, nothing changes in store and no additional staff training is required.

The Gander app displays yellow-stickered reductions in stores for customers nearby. Through integrating with RSL, Retail  Solutions the app is able to provide real-time updates to shoppers on greatly reduced food in convenience stores and supermarkets near them. Whenever a supermarket reduces a product, the app updates instantly.

Gander attracts thousands of shoppers daily to partnering stores, and with a user base of 120,000 people, the app has been recently recognized as ‘Mobile Innovation of the Year’ at the Retail Systems Awards 2021.


The Benefits


Gander has amassed a wealth of respected retailers onboard the app in the UK and beyond, attracted to the product for its proven ability to sell a high proportion of reduced stock. Meaning that fluctuations of demand become easier to manage. Couple this benefit with the increasing desire to focus on more sustainable operations such as food waste means that Gander is an incredibly attractive business venture.
Retailers partnered with Gander & RSL quickly realize that the benefits are far-reaching.

Thanks to an unrivalled reporting platform, Ganderlytics, retailers can watch their sales and net margin grow as Gander entices shoppers to buy their products. The platform also allows retailers to accurately track waste and shrink and know the exact cost per day, whilst simultaneously discovering how to improve compliance with detailed reduction activity trackers.


Below are some of the fantastic comments from our retailers on Gander recently:


“Gander is transformational, multi-dimensional and delivers brilliant analytics”

“It drives down waste and increases store profitability”

“The perfect platform to help us reach thousands of more people”

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