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Digital Shopping is Here to Stay

Digital Shopping is Here to Stay
Digital Shopping is Here to Stay

Digital Shopping is Here to Stay


Worldwide, the impossibility of leaving home has generated an unexpected demand for online services. From working remotely to buy everything, you need online, including food. The pandemic has only sped up the rate of change across this retail sector. Digital shopping is here to stay.

Changing consumer trends and expectations have made traditional retail incapable of sustaining a profitable business.

Despite the punctual situation, it seems to be a consensus among experts that, when our lives return to the “new normal,” our routine will continue to be in front of a screen.

By 2023, just the online grocery market will see a 66 % turnover in Europe, reaching 47 billion euros, as new research by IGD confirms.

With innovation and technology continually developing and enabling the advent of new tools to sell in an accessible way, having a good online store will be just as important when choosing a good physical store location.


The collaborations between retailers and technology companies


The importance of collaborations between retailers and technology companies increase rapidly to help physical independent retailers move fast to a digital world. Making it possible to compete with big players and keep their business profitable.

To help independent retailers advent to this new way of conducting their business, Retail Solutions has developed a webshop integrated with the ePOS system. Any administrative function on the shop floor – new products, revised pricing, promotions, and stock quantities-is automatically populated across the webshop. It’s seamlessly integrated, all through one single place: The Retail Solutions ePOS!

These solutions will get real-time insight into consumer behaviour through the centralization of data and the use of technology that simplifies daily functions. Allowing the retailers to deal with change quickly and also analyse all the strategies of their business. Focus on products and services that are more profitable and suited to that moment or particular customers’ behaviour.

With this solution, the webshop will offer retailers a thorough promotion between the store and the web while running all the administrative functions through one portal.

Retailers should be prepared to react to change and get into this new economy before it is too late. To help craft your retail strategy, get in contact with Retail Solutions, make it easy and possibly have a webshop in the blink of an eye.


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We are dedicated to providing your store with the most up-to-date and reliable point of sale hardware, along with software management tools to help you manage your business effectively.

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