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CASE STUDY – Convenience Store

CASE STUDY – Convenience Store
CASE STUDY  Convenience Store

CASE STUDY  Convenience Store


Enhancing convenience store inventory management with Retail Solutions point of sale system and reporting suite.




The client is an established Irish convenience store retailer with multiple outlets across the country.
They faced significant challenges in managing their inventory efficiently, resulting in stockouts, overstocking, and financial losses. In their quest to streamline inventory management, they partnered with Retail Solutions Ltd. to implement a state-of-the-art POS system.


Retail Solutions was established in March 1995. We now operate throughout Ireland and the U.K. and employ over 80 staff.


We aim to help retail businesses thrive by implementing specialist, tailored technology for better management, operations, automation & forecasting.


We are a leading supplier of POS systems for the retail sector. We specialise in systems for supermarkets, conveniences stores, forecourts, pharmacies, off-licences, and coffee shops.


The client faced multiple challenges with their previous system.
They had several areas of concern which were negatively affecting their business, all centred around their lack of organised inventory processes.


The client struggled with inaccurate stock counts, leading to stockouts during peak hours and overstocking of slow-moving items.


Manual inventory counting and order replenishment processes were labour-intensive and error-prone.


The client lacked a comprehensive reporting system, making it difficult to make informed decisions about purchasing, pricing, & stock adjustment.



Retail Solutions Point of Sale for convenience stores includes features that are designed with inventory management in mind.

  • Real-time Inventory Tracking The system enabled the client to track inventory levels in real time, reducing stockouts and overstocking instances.
  • Automated Reordering Inventory thresholds were set within the system, triggering automatic reordering of products when stock levels reached predefined minimums.
  • Barcode Scanning Barcode scanning capabilities streamlined the check-out process and minimised manual data entry errors.
  • Reporting Suite The POS system included a powerful reporting suite that provided valuable insights into sales trends, inventory turnover rates, and customer preferences.



The reporting suite played a pivotal role in the client’s success. They used it to:



Retail Solutions Ltd. provided the client with a tailored POS system designed to address their specific inventory management needs.

Their solution included tailored hardware and software, front-of-house till points and back-office processing points for each store, plus a cloud-based head office solution to manage them all centrally.


By partnering with Retail Solutions Ltd. and implementing their advanced POS system with a robust reporting suite, this Irish convenience store retailer overcame their inventory management challenges. They not only improved inventory accuracy but also enhanced decision-making, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of modern technology on the retail industry, showcasing how data driven solutions can lead to business success.


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Susan McGuire is originally from London, United Kingdom, and has now lived in Galway, Ireland, for 16 years. She has been with Retail Solutions for almost 8 of those, and during that time has enjoyed various roles within the areas of Maintenance, Finance, & Marketing. You can follow her on LinkedIn!



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