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All the POS features you need to run your business

All the POS features you need to run your business
POS features you need to run your business

 POS features you need to run your business


1. Point of Sale


Your retail POS system shouldn’t be just payment software! A POS can do a lot more than that. Out of the many benefits it comes with, enhancing customer experience is one of them. A POS system can improve customers’ shopping experience and provide complete retail solutions for your business.
POS software must have point-of-sale features that help the retailer increase sales. Some of these features are:
• Supports third-party integrations
• Automates daily processes
• Provides cashier prompts to reduce errors
• Real-time sales data
• Instant pricing and stock information
• Speeds up customer transactions
• Assists with promotion & upselling



2. Inventory Management


The ability to track inventory is a feature indispensable a POS software, as nothing can drag down the profitability of a business like having the wrong information on stock.
Controlling your spending is a key factor in running any business. An inventory management system can efficiently save money that might otherwise be spent on unnecessary overstocking. The money you save can be spent on promoting your business, marketing promotion or even new ideas.
If you’re not using any inventory management software features on your current POS software, it’s time to upgrade it.


3. Managing Finances


A business needs to be able to track all the expenses to make intelligent financial decisions; for this, you need good records to monitor how business is going. Otherwise, the chances of failing to track business expenses effectively could destroy your business.
Point-of-sale systems can track your finances, track the sales you make at checkout and calculate your profits. The POS+ system should have features to help your business make financial planning easier.
• Some of the benefits of tracking financial performance monitoring include:
• Retains accurate accounting records
• Cost & cash control
• Be able to monitor sales and create promotions for Business
Click here to learn more about managing finances.


4. Mobile POS


There are several reasons a business wants to use a mobile app for its POS system. First, because it’s easy and convenient. Plus, all-in-one POS Systems that offer a mobile/countertop POS and back-office management are a must.
RS Mobile provides real-time back-office functionality on the shop floor via our large-screen Android handheld.
This touchscreen, easy-to-use device allows decisions to be implemented in real-time and without delay.
Retail Solutions has RS Dashboard – an application that delivers real-time sales data to retailers via their mobile devices.
The app allows a detailed analysis of sales KPIs in terms of overall volume, margin, and turnover.


5. Intuitive interface


This is one of the most basic but also super important. A POS System with Intuitive interfaces can help minimize training time, and employees will feel comfortable using it; plus is going to reduce errors on the point of sale counter, and it will improve customer service as the employers can offer a fast service.


6. Flexibility


Each business is different and has its necessities, challenges, and requirements. A good POS salesperson helps you figure out if the software fits your needs and will offer onboarding and training sessions as well as technical support, as post-sales support is very important in case of doubts or changes. So remember that when it comes to choosing technology, retailers gain the most from using software that is specific to their sector and that has the flexibility to adapt to their needs.


7. Integration

The most efficient and user-friendly EPOS systems must accommodate as many third-party integrations as possible. Exciting new services and integrations are being launched all the time, and having a POS provider that is always on top of that is really important.
Check some benefits integrations can offer to your business.


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