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6 Integration benefits to manage your business better

6 Integration benefits to manage your business better
6 Integration benefits to manage your business better

6 Integration benefits to manage your business better


6 Integration benefits to manage your business better.

Most retail businesses are now fully on board with the benefits of using technology in their store. We’ve come a long way from cash registers and manual record keeping. Using the right blend of hardware and software can help to manage any retail outlet better.

When it comes to choosing technology, retailers gain the most from using software that is specific to their sector. The right software will come packed with useful features to help you to better handle your operations. So, it always pays to do your research before you splash out for any kind of business software, be it POS , CRM or ERP.

Business software solutions can bring even greater benefits when they work together. Software vendors understand that by work togethering and enabling their products to integrate with each other, everybody benefits.

Say for example you already have a point of sale system in your store; you may be able to add on third party software services that are useful to your business. These could include things like payment services, electronic labelling, automated vending, or accounting, to name but a few.

When you integrate services, information is shared between them, and this can offer you several advantages.


Streamlined processes


Sharing information means that the data already stored by one system can be utilised by another. This means using a single database for your services, streamlining your processes and avoiding duplication.

If, for example, your integrated web shop shares your original store’s stock file, not only does that mean that all your products are sold and reordered from a single inventory, it also means the data doesn’t need to be added separately for each sales channel, simplifying the process and saving you precious storage space and resources.


Time saving


Integrated services are faster. Because information is shared directly between services, it’s almost instant, which means less waiting time for your customers. It can also free up valuable staff hours. Take this for example; if your integrated accounting software can share your original customer database and product information, that will save you a lot of time keying in duplicate data when creating records and invoices.


Error reduction


When you integrate services, you reduce the need for manual entry and therefore reduce the possibilities for error.

For example, if you integrate a credit card machine with your EPOS system, you add the products to the terminal using a scanner, and the totals are sent straight to the payment terminal. The customer pays, and this information is fed straight back to the EPOS system. No manual or keyed entry is required at any stage, all but eliminating the possibility of errors during the process.


Automated tasks


Some integrated services can automate your regular operational tasks. This might include things like creating back ups,  generating reports, or keeping in touch with your customers through marketing tools and campaigns.

By automating your tasks where possible, you can save hours of manual entry, reduce errors, and create consistency within your work space.


More features, more options


New integrated services are becoming available all the time. This gives you continuous new options and ideas for improving your business, offering better services and increasing your bottom line.

Talk to your software suppliers and find out if they have already got integration partnerships in place that may be useful to your business. You might find that they are already working together with other suppliers that could be of immediate value.


Better strategy


Some integrated services are designed to benefit specific types of retailer. These types of service may help you to reduce waste, monitor the market and your competitors, or provide in depth analysis and business overview, for example.

These services not only help you in the day to day running of your business, they also help you plan for the future and create a better long term strategy; one based on facts and figures rather than guesswork or instinct.


Our integrated services


Retail Solutions supply EPOS solutions to the retail sector. We already work with many integration partners on behalf of our customers and are developing new partner services all the time.

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