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5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Christmas

5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Christmas
5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Christmas

5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Christmas



5 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales This Christmas. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

In this post, we suggest five actions that shouldn’t be missed in your Christmas Digital Marketing campaign this Christmas.

The festive season formally starts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and gets even better with the arrival of Christmas.

Christmas is one of the best times of the year for retailers, but it can also be a challenge to catch the shopper’s attention. Read our tips, prepare your social networks, and invest in Santa Claus!


1. Create a page with Christmas campaign offers


The greatest benefit of creating this page is that you can take advantage of the Christmas theme and date to create campaigns that showcase your best offers.

Plus, it’s an excellent option to promote yourselves on social media, in email campaigns, and even via paid media.

It is also important to highlight this page within your website.

Insert a banner on the homepage or even create a special menu.

It can act as a brand curator with the best options for gifting, which helps your customers to make a purchase decision.


2. Create a gift guide


Unlike celebrations such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, st Christmas everyone is a potential consumer and a possible candidate to receive a gift.

Creating a page that works like a gift guide can be a great way to draw people to your products. You can make suggestions based on what people like—gifts for people who enjoy travel, sports, crafts, cooking, etc.

Promote this product page on social media and other channels.


3. Invest in your organic traffic


Invest in producing content to increase the organic traffic of your page, that is, content that people look for and not paid advertising. In the long run, organic is the cheapest channel for your business.

To start ranking your themed pages on Google, start writing posts and, if you have a blog, produce content with tips for gifts for Christmas, etc.

The search for these keywords tends to increase in the coming weeks and is expected to peak in the Christmas week.


4. Actions on social media


Use social media to promote your Christmas campaign. Use the features that each media outlet offers to showcase your products.

Facebook, for example, allows you to create a carousel of product images, putting a price and a specific link to the product page.

On Instagram – you can put the link to your Christmas page in the stories. You can also sell your products and add a “buy now” button, which redirects to the link on the offers page or products page, among other actions.

Remember that not all your followers will buy from you today, but they might buy at another time.

Use social networks not only for sales, but also to generate traffic and improve your relationship and brand image with the public.


5. Send email marketing


Email marketing can be a powerful tool to attract consumers and convert sales during the holiday period when appropriately used.

Thus, it is possible to create targeted and specific content for each customer profile in your mailing, to encourage advance purchases, send special promotions, or even show new products and services.

Don’t forget to send emails celebrating each special date. Use your creativity to get even closer to your customers.


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